Calisthenics Physical exercises: What is the advantage?

Published: 26th October 2010
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Calisthenics is a type of arranged exercises made up of many different movements that are not complicated to perform. Calisthenics is a type of exercise consisting of a variety of simple movements usually performed without weights or some other equipment that are used to increase body strength, endurance and flexibility using the weight of one's own body for resistance. One of the most beneficial effects of calisthenics is increased endurance. Bodyweight exercises are strength training exercises that do not require free weights; the practitioner's own weight provides the resistance for the movement. Calisthenics is an ideal way to increase flexibility through muscle tone. Calisthenics is the name given to repetitive exercises that use the resistance of your own body to build strength, increase flexibility and burn fat.


Calisthenics exercise are also known as body strengthening exercises. Calisthenics are the exercises that make up the bulk of any gym class, as nothing is needed but the body. Calisthenics are one of the only ways to build muscle mass and strength without the use of weights. Many of the exercises that are calisthenics are common everyday exercises that people already know how to do. While performing calisthenics a proper routine must be followed, otherwise the person will lead to injury. However, calisthenics can build a reasonable amount of muscle mass, and maintain it, especially for a beginner looking for moderate muscle growth.


The intention of these exercises is to increase body strength and flexibility by using your own body weight as the weight and resistance. Calisthenics is a high-impact form of exercise that can be performed with no additional equipment. Calisthenics exercise concentrate on specific areas of the body. Other examples, include jumping jacks, any floor exercises or gymnastics and leg lifts. Once you have mastered the execution of each exercise, you can continue to workout at home or wherever is convenient. Check out why it's one of best Calisthenic Exercises Here: The Push Up.


Developing a calisthenics routine depends largely on the fitness goals of the participant. I have always considered bodyweight exercises and training to be superior for overall fitness and it is why boot camp workouts have also gained popularity so quickly. In fact, I believe the programs most gyms have in place today have the opposite effect of the fitness goals people desire. The benefits of bodyweight exercises Fitness, you can start this program at any time, regardless of your present condition and if you want to, you can take it to a point were you are almost as fit as an Olympic athlete but give it time before you start counting your gold medals. Bodyweight exercises have always been a favorite of mine for fitness and it is why boot camp workouts have also gained popularity so quickly.

Calisthenics is a widely practiced form of training and is recognised as a fun and healthy way to keep fit. Bodyweight exercises are great because your body must use so many stabilizers to go through the range of motion which will not only tone up more muscle but burn more calories giving a great fat burning effect. So remember, if you want to improve your health or become as fit as an athlete, lose a few pounds or achieve drastic weight loss, gain a bit of strength or become almost superhumanly strong.

The next time you think about doing any exercises don't weight lift - do calisthenics instead! Why? See Pushup vs Bench Press Here.

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